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hoda, A holistic coach for high-potential creatives 

Hi, I am Hoda,


A holistic coach for high-potential creatives, travelers, nomads, expatriates.

I was a digital nomad for 4 years but started my career in the cinema industry, as a professional stuntwoman.


Eventually, I was trained and doubly graduated by the American school QSCA:

. "Law Of Attraction Life Coach" certification

. "Money Coach" certification

What I offer

Custom solutions

You can find workshops and personal-sessions packages, customized for every creative need,  and financial capacity.



I know your challenges, fears, doubts. I have been through so many myself for more than 20 years.


You will get concrete results, that will impact the areas of your life.

“Savor the journey and the view from exactly where you stand, you'll have all the time you want to enjoy the summit once you're there.”

Hoda Safiah

My Services.

One on one.

Private sessions are an effective way to achieve your goals. It allows you to work on the specific topics of your own choice.  And of course, that will make you fully committed, week after week, to your dream. ​

The frequency of meetings ranges from once a week to twice a month, for a minimum of 3 months. Coaching takes place on Skype, zoom or WhatsApp call.​

In one to one session we will:

  •  Overcome barriers to creativity and innovation.

  • Determine exactly what you need to feel fulfilled in your career and in your life.

  • Go through tailor-made processes & assignments, adapted to your activity and your challenges.


These workshops are Intensive courses where you will explore and tackle different issues. During each class, I would provide a lot of information, you will need to take notes. I will guide you through the exercises. And you can ask any questions at any time.


Workshops last between 4 and 12 weeks, depending on the theme. Classes are once a week for a duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

In one to one session we will:

  • Explore in every detail where you have difficulties.

  • Design your unique technique to shape your ideal future self.

  • Get the practical steps you can take towards creative fulfillment and creative career success.

“Joy rises, like a roar from the depths of our being, igniting our creative fire.”

Hoda Safiah

how i work


  • Define the problem you want to solve.

  • Being 100% honest with me & with yourself. 

  • Commit yourself to a life change.


  • Determine your goal & Clarify your vision

  • Create an effective plan to attain your goals

  • Work through processes based on the law of attraction, designed for your specific needs.


  • Help you become the best version of yourself.

  • Help you make the most effective choices.

  • Help you roar your unique creative voice and obtain concrete results.

"In the past two years she helped me so much with my development, she helped me believe in myself and do what I want and love. If you give yourself the chance to work with her, you’ll realize very soon that you have given yourself a great gift for life"

Elazar Mack (Scriptwriter) | Israel

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