Hi, I am Hoda.

A creative & artist coach, digital nomad, huge reader and an unshakable joyful heart, dedicated to helping you create phenomenal results in your life.


  • I have been trained and certified by the American school QSCA.

  • I help creative people and artists build a powerful career.

  • I started my professional life as an actress and stuntwoman.

  • Fifteen years on theatres and cinema’s set. In armouries and on the rings...


But my ever stronger desire to support others has allowed me to realize that my heart belonged above all to coaching. It is with all my experience and determination that I want to help you create phenomenal results in your life.


I've helped more than

I'm working more than



creatives & Life explorers 

years in the field

I'm from Paris, but today I travel around the world with my lover, my laptop and a suitcase full of books. When I'm not in session with my clients or writing my next workshop, you will probably find me recording my podcast, in a yoga class, lost in a good book, or maybe sharing a good meal with people I love.


I know from personal experience how hard it can be to persevere.


That sometimes bills are hard to pay. That doubts can arise at any moment. But I also know that joy opens the doors to success. Joy awakens the creative fire. It brings out of our deepest self, this unique voice that only wants to roar.


Creating must not be a fight.

If you decide to express the aspirations and desires of your creative flame, if it allows you to appear in this world as a dynamic, inquisitive, complete and fulfilled person, then you will be brilliantly successful.



"Hoda helped me to clarify what I wanted in my life and how to achieve it. Through our sessions, I felt more and more confident. I was able to see things positively and set up daily objectives. I understood everything was inside me. She is a wonderful person and a great coach!"

Emmanuel Martin (Actor) | France