Hi, I am Hoda.

Coach for high-potential creatives, travelers, nomads, expatriates, I was a digital nomad for 4 years, across Asia, Europe, then Canada.

I discovered how working while traveling can inspire a lot, but also be immensely drainful.

So over the years, I have developed organizational and adaptation techniques.

But also techniques to propel and secure my finances.  


To maintain a high level of energy through diet, meditation, and yoga.  

Because if the mind is ready but not the body, it is impossible to go to the end of a project with fluidity.


Today I am based in Normandy (France), from where I continue to travel regularly to give workshops in different countries of Europe.

I was trained and doubly graduated by the American school QSCA : 

  • “Law of Attraction Life Coach” certification.  

  • “Money Coach” certification


I've helped more than

I'm working more than



High potential creatives

& Nomades/expatriates

years in the field



Since 2015, I have been helping my clients to live their passion to the full.

When I work with my multipotential clients, they come with a desire, a specific project, or a dream.

Together we clarify it so that this dream becomes a concrete project.

I accompany them until the complete success of this project.


I started my career in cinema, as a professional stuntwoman, thanks to which, I developed powerful methods of discipline and surpassing oneself. In stunts performing, it is vital to have a strong mind and body.  Our life depends on the synergy of the two. A failed stunt can have dramatic consequences. A successful stunt is a feat that marks memories.


As an artist, I have sometimes faced precariousness, lack of focus, and courage, which made me assess the opportunities. It's how I understood the power of the spirit.

Aligning with the right energy to attract the best opportunities to yourself.


The year I applied these principles, I multiplied by 10 the number of my filming contracts, and once a certified coach, I didn't stop increasing my customer base.


I offer my sessions mainly online (Zoom or Wire)



"Hoda helped me to clarify what I wanted in my life and how to achieve it. Through our sessions, I felt more and more confident. I was able to see things positively and set up daily objectives. I understood everything was inside me. She is a wonderful person and a great coach!"

Emmanuel Martin (Actor) | France