20 Actions successful people do, so can you

What are successful people? 

People, who are following their dreams, succeed in what they do, are comfortable with money, and are happy and fulfilled in their personal life.

What do they do? How do they achieve such greatness? 

1. They take risks

Wait...what? But it isn’t really reasonable to take risks, is it?

Well, yes it is!

What’s blocking you and pulling you backwards is your fears. It is the fears that conveys all those doubts and excuses.

Stepping out of your comfort zone will allow you to make new experiences. Then why not start or restart to do things that seem insane, unreasonable but SO exciting just for the sake of it

2. They stick to their decisions

  • Make the decision to stick to your decisions ;) That implies that you have to decide purposefully and sensitively.

  • Being determined is feeling that the decision you took is what’s best for you.

  • Listening to what our heart, thus our instinct tells us to do.

  • Ask for the answer:

Does the idea itself have a positive impact on your life, on your goals? Is it exhilarating? Is it fun?

Does this decision keep you stuck in the past? Or on the contrary does it push you towards a bright future?

We make decisions every single day ; often subconsciously ; sometimes by default ; occasionally out of fear...

Why not taking a decision that makes completely sense for the future we want to create?

To take the time to ask ourselves the right questions before deciding, allows us to make the right choice and see our commitments through.

Doing so we are able to built or confirm an unshakable self-confidence, satisfactory fulfillment, thus creating tremendous results in our lives.

Back to the basics:

If you have any decision to make, use the three MAGICAL questions!

  • WHAT do I want?

  • WHY do I want it?

  • HOW do I wan to feel?

Your objective is now clear AND connected to your heart.

3- Set boundaries

  • To keep time for yourself and learn to say NO when needed.

  • Because the priority is elsewhere or it doesn’t feel right, it’s respecting yourself, your work, your time.

  • In short, it’s being professional and centered.

  • To know how to set boundaries for a client, for a boss, for a friend is realizing your own needs. What your higher self requires to go forward and march on your path towards success.

4- Give back

To give back is also receive.

The joy of giving, of being generous is cultivating the light of Life, nourishing a flow of positive energy.
  • To give back is expressing your gratefulness towards the other, you and the Universe.

  • It is trusting that by giving you do not lose anything, you are nurturing.

  • To give back is to believe that what you give is what you get, always.

  • You will receive in so many different forms.

  • To give back is creating a world of abundance.

Try creating the habit of giving back everytime you receive something. No matter what. It doesn’t matter if you are giving back to the same person or to someone else either.

Now, think about what you could do to make that person’s life easier. Think about how you could help. Giving your time, helping others, volunteering is also a great way to be generous.

5- Work smart not hard

Work smart means being more efficient and accomplish a better work.

Stop multitasking ! by doing so you are dispersing your energy. In the end the quality of your work will suffer.

  • Plan your goals

  • Divide them into steps

  • Figure out a realistic time to achieve every single step

  • Schedule those period in your agenda

6- Build a spiritual routine

Have a spiritual daily routine! That will give you inspiration and raise your energy.

That will help you find meaning to what you do or want to do, that will give you trust in

  • Taking actions and persevere.

  • You could

  • Meditate

  • Visualize

  • Keep a journal

  • Read

  • Listen to inspiring podcasts

  • Walk in nature

7- Read self help books

To read books connected to the field we are improving, is offering ourselves the possibility to consider a problem from an other angle.

Allowing us to see new perspectives, inspiration, adventure, freshness. In short it’s transforming a challenge into an opportunity to evolve.

8- Exercise

Well, yes… it’s not a secret that exercising boosts the brain, helps us getting smarter, focused and positive. Therefor it is unavoidable: If you want to be part of the successful people, you have to get it on!

Now, you don’t have to run a marathon tomorrow! 10 minutes of Yoga, power walk home, dance in your living room… Anything as long as you raise those heartbeats!

9- Meditate

Meditation allows you to detoxify spiritually and mentally.

Creating new space to fill with positive emotions, thoughts and motives.

You will be calmer, more coherent, and able to take the right decisions.

Start with 5 minutes every day. In the morning is a good start for the day. (but there is no restriction as long as you can make it a daily habit).

Listen to your respiration, visualize your inner heaven, focus on an intention for the day, a powerful word, an intention: “I am greatful” “I am ready to receive” “ I am a valuable person”

10- Work with mastermind groups

To keep inspired. We evolve faster when we communicate, exchange with others. Often people might have the solution for you. Inspiring and helping people is so rewarding!

Why denying yourself that?!

11- Delegate

You don’t need to have employees to delegate. You will maybe have to train, though, as it is a muscle ☺ It’s fun, exciting and it allows you to save so much time!!! There is no need to learn everything, to spread yourself too thinly.

For instance, you could exchange competences:

Here is what I did:


  • I exchanged the creation of my logo with coaching sessions

  • Writing my business and marketing plan with coaching sessions

  • The design of my e-workbook with percentage on the sales

  • Pictures with coaching sessions

On a personal level:

  • Landry with making dinner

  • Yoga class with fencing

  • Reparing my bike with catsitting

  • Getting a parcel at the post office with saving a plant from drought

There are so many thing you can delegate! I barter because I like it and it’s make asking for favours so much easier ;))

It’s a WIN-WIN situation

12- Constantly learn

By learning as much as we can, we keep ourselves humble. Besides, you become more likable to people when they notice that you want to learn from them.

Studies have shown that the more ambitious you are the happier you’ll be!

13- Stay disciplined

Think about the last time you were disciplined. The last time you pushed yourself to do something you were afraid of doing. How did you feel afterwards?

I bet you were very proud of yourself!!

Everytime you use courage and discipline to do what you know you ought to, you will feel wonderful. (For me it makes me jump up and down from excitement)

Discipline day by day, sticking to your decisions, will make your self-esteem, confidence and self-value grow. Everything becomes easier.

Make sure to reward yourself for achieving. CELEBRATE!!!

14- Focus

By focusing on one thing at a time you allow your brain to better deal with its tasks. You will produce a better work, examine the different sides of the task, stop errors from happening.

By multitasking you prevent yourself to realize what is happening and what you are doing.

All the energy you have saved by focusing can be assigned to create new ideas for the project you are working on. This availability is particularly interesting for the creatives , artists , innovatives.

15- Practice patience

The path to fulfillment is sometimes long. Those who don’t have the patience to discover the results are more likely to be discourage and give up.

Being patient also mean trust. It means building inside of you that unshakable confidence that thing always happen on the right time.

With trust we are able to remain calm and assured.

It gives us the open-mindedness to welcome the unexpected, as its manifestation can take a multitude of forms

16- Surround themselves with ass kickers

Ass-kickers are those people that inspire you, that can help you build your future carrier, help you determine how to reach for your goals while lead you to opportunities. Surrounding yourself with successful people is creating the belief that it possible for you as well!

One way to recongnise an ass-kicking person is the fact that they talk about ideas instead of people. What you think and talk about can raise or dim your energy.

So choose wisely.

“What you think is what you become” -Buddha

17- Get back on the game, instead of give up

Everyone makes mistakes. To get back out there and learn from them is a sign of maturity.

To make mistakes is in fact having huge potiential of improvement. The masters themselves ALWAYS continue to fail!

The magnitude of their success comes from their awe-inspiring rebound!

If your goal is to express your highest potential, then your failures are your gold, your best teachers, the keys to your success. Cherish them as clues that show you the way.

18- Show up on time

This is obvious. It’s showing others that you respect them and value their time. Plus, less stress for you!

19- Know what’s going on all around you…

  • So that you will never miss an opportunity.

  • So you can get informations, inspirations, breakthrough.

  • So you can take the right decision at the right time.

20- Know what’s going on with your money

As budgeting allows you to plan your expenses, it allows you to be sure to always have enough money for what your need and what really counts!

As well as growing out of debts, save money for future projects, staying in control and most importantly having the freedom to choose instead of being forced into a decision.

Enjoy your new life as a successful kick ass badass !!!

Inspired by Jen Sincero’s « You are a badass at making money »

If you want more inspirations, you can watch my youtube video "6 steps to attract Money"

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