6 Habits that lead to success

1-Waking up early

Getting up early is an essential aspect of a dynamic life.

This is one of the super classic habits of people who have created success in their lives.

I would do a full article on all the benefits related to this habit, however here is some reason why getting up early is transformative:

The brain chemistry is different in the early morning, genius ideas and creativity are available during these hours, 4 am according to some, 5 am according to others ...

Getting up with the sunrise reconnects us with the rhythm of nature, so we are more energetic more dynamic.

Our stress level drops because we have more energy and more time to start our day.

Because obviously by getting up early, we can devote time to what is important, really important for us.

The morning energy is absolutely special and delicious, and even more now that we are in summer.

The morning is cool, calm, and silent.

In the morning, we have the space to focus our energy on the essentials.

What sets the tone for our day, starting your day off with something important and satisfying, aspires to have a satisfying and inspiring day.

No one to interrupt us during our mediation, or our writing sessions, or maybe during our meditative walk or our yoga session.

Getting up early offers grace to our day and space.

Obviously this requires a really good amount of sleep, getting up at 5 am, for example, requires going to bed around 10 pm.

Socially it is not always easy.

But it’s worth trying to assess whether the benefits outweigh the constraints.

An experiment is necessary on at least 1 month and a half, to really measure al the benefits. Because the body and the mind need to get used to it so that it is no longer an effort but a habit, and that we begin to be able to fully enjoy our morning.

It, therefore, requires getting up at the same time every day, every morning, for more than a month.

But believe in my experience, it is really worth it.

All my great ideas and my best weeks happened during these periods.

I have never been an early riser, I have always loved getting up when I wanted, in high school, it was a pain to get up.

But from the moment I made the decision to dive into this experience, I discovered in myself an incredible speed of thought, and an amazingly creative mind, a clear and obvious vision of my projects.

What I write is at a higher level in the morning.

My connection to myself is filled with compassion and kindness.

Anyway, I met the high version of myself, getting up early in the morning.

I admit it requires about 2 weeks of adaptation.

Day 1 is generally great, then the following days are difficult.

If you decide to do this experiment, I encourage you to persevere at least 2 weeks, to experience the best effects. And especially to start in summer, because in winter it is much more difficult to get up at 5 am in the dark night ...

Start with a large glass of warm water, the best way to wake up the body and the brain.

Then invent a routine that inspires you.

So that every morning you don't have to think about what you are going to do.

Prepare everything the day before.

And schedule your alarm.

Get up instantly without thinking as soon as it rings and start your routine.

I prepare the water in the kettle the day before, my teapot and my yoga mat ready, my notebook, my pen, my book, sometimes a candle. My runnings if I decide to go for a walk.

Everything is decided and prepared. Because believe me, if in the morning you have to decide what to do in your day, you won't even get out of bed.

It is therefore essential for the success of your experience.

Then keep a logbook near your bed, and in the evening write down what your "early morning" has brought you. So you'll sleep with that feeling of satisfaction, and you'll wake up wandering with that satisfaction. Getting up will be easy!

I still encourage you, in your morning routine to move, to wake up energy, even if it is just stretching, or jumping, or walking 15min outside.

But this will considerably impact the success of your experience.


Setting an intention is the starting point of any dream.

Setting an intention activates our capacity to receive.

To put an intention is in fact to decide the direction in which we want to go.

To set an intention is to activate the creative force in you, the one that allows you to deploy the means to achieve your dreams and also meet your needs.

To set an intention is to plant a seed, to take care of it, to let it grow, to give it space, to water it, to have confidence that it will bloom at the right time for it, when all the conditions are met.

An intention is extremely powerful because little by little it allows you to realize how immense your power is. Your ability to create what you want is immense.

Setting an intention works for the tangible, but for something larger, deeper.

Set an intention every day or before each turning point or decision.

You can also make it a ritual, set a strong intention, announce your intention to the universe.

Prepare the ground by giving yourself a real moment of relaxation.

Every month, for each new moon for example.

You can take a bath, cleanse yourself of all the energies of the past month to make room for new energies.

Meditate for a few minutes to clear all unnecessary thoughts.

Then log into a state of recognition for all the things that happened last month.

And start writing your intentions for this month.

The direction in which you want to go, what you want to accomplish, personally and professionally and also, the inner state that you want to cultivate.

It can be serenity, feeling free, developing harmony ... choose something that really resonates with you.

And then every Monday for example, you can re-read and reconnect to your intention for the month, so that allows you to put your compass back in the right axis and stay on track!

THEN DON'T FORGET, to let the universe orchestrate the details, your intention to awaken a great force of the organization, the universe is set in motion for you. Let go of the will, don't try to force things. Probably the best answer or the best path to fulfill your intention is where the flow naturally flows.

Your intention will bloom when the season's right.


The importance of being present, of showing up, how to strengthen or create this part of your identity

I’ve always heard that being trusted has to be gained, that it isn’t something you acquired from the start.

But I didn't realize the importance of this word of wisdom.

The reason we trust our friends is that they are there when we need them, they come when they are committed to coming, they are present in our life without conditions.

In a world where we are overwhelmed with proposals, video podcasts, articles, festivals, it is more difficult to gain the confidence of our community.

But what undoubtedly will make them loyal, committed, and present is our ability to show up when we commit to!

It is the most important.

It doesn't matter if your article is perfect if your podcast is exceptional, it doesn't matter, the most important thing is to be there.

I am experiencing the full extent of this engagement right now, in fact, I am committed to posting an episode of my podcast every day.

And I did not land in the adventure with 3 months in advance, no, I write, record, publish, day by day.

It's been 7 weeks now.

Some days I had no idea, but I had to dig into myself, go beyond my certainty that I had no inspiration and finally find inspiration.

I also decided, like all creatives and artists, to use the challenges that were presented, to develop myself, and share with you what I had learned.

In short, I have developed my capacity to refuse excuses for not publishing and, on the contrary, accept events as opportunities for inspiration.

I'm not saying it's easy every day, but the exercise is really interesting.

I've decided to be a trusted person, who shows up every morning at 7 a.m. on my podcast and every Tuesday on this blog.

It was not for granted, look at my website, I published 4 articles in 2 years and 1 YouTube video on my Chanel.

And since I've decided to be the person who keeps these commitments

since I've decided to build this new identity, I've published 50 episodes of Cup Of Light, 5 blog articles, and every day I publish a story on my IG.

Certainly, I am not internationally known yet thanks to these efforts.

But one of the great strengths of successful people is also tenacity and perseverance.

No matter if I have 5, 10, or 200 plays each day, I will move forward with the certainty that this path leads me where I need to go, that my words meet the people who need to hear them, that my heart vibrates when I write to you.

The secret of success is hidden behind our determination to re-determine each day, to re-decide, to re-invent, to advance unconditionally in the direction that resonates as obvious.

The courage to move forward despite the circumstances strengthens your tenacity.

But also your patience.

Because yes, things rarely go to the rhythm that our mind has fantasized about.

Sometimes too slow and sometimes too fast

But let's not forget that we are cyclical beings, that we live in seasons, and that each season is necessary.

That spring is always preceded by winter,

That a step sometimes big sometimes small allows us to advance whatever happens.

When we are patient we send a clear message to our unconscious to our subconscious to the universe: I trust, I know it will happen, at the best time for me.

I know that the orchestration is moving, even if here from my point of view it is calm, I know that each step I take every day injects energy into this universal orchestration.

Patience indicates to the universe your strong confidence, it relieves you of all responsibility for your project, it offers the universe the space to do its share of the job.


Taking action is obviously the foundation, the foundation for all success.

But sometimes, planning is not enough to accomplish our program.

To do what we happily decided to do.

Where does the well-hidden secret of those who do not procrastinate and take action come from?

First, it involves a definite change of perspective.

Stop the vicious spin cycle!

Working without being drained is possible.

To be possible it is necessary that you shift your attention to this new belief, and start working nourished with creative energy!

Why not start your day by expressing feelings of gratitude for all the tools at your disposal, all these things that allow you to accomplish your goals, to create your company, to record your auditions, to make your podcast from home you, etc.

Recognition is a game-changer

This allows you to look at what is available to you as opportunities to create.

It also allows you to focus on what you really like about your work.

And maybe also to discover where you need to implement joy.

Inject positive energy.

Obviously sometimes motivation is lacking, and it seems necessary to wait to be motivated to work.

In my experience, motivation is a muscle, at first, it is necessary to pretend that it is there to start, then by dint of persistence, it becomes more and more solid, present, and accessible.

In fact, motivation also arises from a certain discipline, almost a habit.

When you are trained it is easier to go to the gym, but when you have not practiced for a long time then it is really a huge effort to put on your sneakers.

SOMETHING that has helped me for years, whatever the subject, is to ask myself "what is in the best interest of my future self?"

My future self has a clear vision and wisdom that will help me find motivation.

For example, if today I had planned to schedule my social media posts, and that I don't feel like doing it. Because I don't really like it...

I'm going to ask the future Hoda, what is in my best interest to do:

She answers me if you plan it, it's a coherent strategy that you put in place, it will make visible all the efforts you make to create and post quality content, and by planning you will save time, that you can devote to your hobbies, painting, hiking, spending time with your lover.

Just to share that I am super motivated when really it is far from what I prefer to do, but my future Hoda sees only my interest and not my excuses ;)

But sometimes what stops us is fear, everything is ready, everything is planned, and despite everything, we do not take action.

This is a great opportunity to explore your life and use your journal.

Why am I preventing myself from moving forward?

Why didn't I do this or that?

Write to find out the reason for your self-sabotage.

Then once that is discovered, ask yourself: what can I do to make this task easier?

Write down all the ideas that come to you and put in place the one that makes the most sense.

Another fantastic technique that I use frequently, not to say daily, is to stop my mind;

Stop thinking too much.

Act without having thinking about it too much.

It allows us to cut the doubts that the mind brings us, it allows us to dare to experiment by accepting that the results may be unexpected, accepting that this action is a meaning, may be different than what we had imagined.

Accept that taking action is advancing.

And that moving forward is always the best choice, the choice of life.

5-Maintain good habits

In order for a habit to become a habit, it is necessary to stick to it for some time.

And the essential thing that will allow you to create a habit is to start by defining what will start the action.

For example in her book "the creative habit" Twyla Tharp explains that the habit that allows her to go to sport every day is the taxis that wait for her outside of her house every single morning.

What can you put in place to start your habit?

Keeping track of your progress is essential, it gives you more chances to move forward and accomplish.

You can print a calendar page specifically for this habit and check off each day when you have completed the task.

Then also establish small victories between the starting point and the finish.

If for example, you want to write a book,

Your mini wins could be:

. Describe the characters

. Write the structure

. Write half of the book

. Write the acknowledgment

And celebrate every victory