Can a personal development book be enough to make an impactful life change?

This is a real question I've asked myself many times, and get asked many many times... Although I don't think that there is one answer for everyone but on the contrary an answer for each person and each period of life.

Those who know me well know that I am a fan of books, I have travelled the world with some of my favourite books, books are for me an extraordinary source of development, refuge, and inspiration.

But can a book really help me go further, I mean much, much further?

To develop myself? To solve problems that are repeated over and over again?

From my experience as an unconditional reader, I can only observe that the support of an accompaniment moves and displaces what one cannot necessarily see for oneself.

Anne-Claire Meret wrote in one of her Instagram posts: "I'm not here to drink a cup of tea (in a coaching session)"

This is essentially what can make a big difference.

Sometimes we read, with a good cup of tea, we find our book impactful, we are touched, then we close the book, end of the story.

Unless you really, consciously, apply the exercises, the guidelines in the book, and fully commit to doing them despite fears, resistance, discouragement, it is not easy to maintain a high level of commitment and go to the end of the process.

Because our patterns are sometimes invisible to us but obvious to the coach or the therapist who will know how to help us get free of them.

The path is shorter, more direct, more transformative with a benevolent outside gaze (which is not there to drink tea; p)

On the other hand, an accompaniment combines perfectly well with reading. The two complement each other wonderfully.

I had recommended to one of my clients "You are a badass at making money" (Jen Sincero), which she read and applied with diligence and commitment.

This book opened up a vision for her and deconstructed many of her blockages.

However, has she stopped her multiple accompaniments?

No! She continued to be coached, to attend workshops, to see therapists ... And today her problem is totally dissolved. She has shown the financial comfort that corresponds to her.

This victory is undoubtedly the combination of all these supports, of his own research, which each contributed to a profound transformation.

I also bounce off the opportunity to share an excerpt from Jen Sincero's book, which encourages daring to take huge risks, to dare to pay for training, to take the support program that is the scariest.

She writes:

"Hesitation is the crack that all favourite excuses will burst through, drown out your resolve, and sweep you back to the safety of your comfort zone. Listen to your intuition, trust the universal intelligence over your fears, have faith that what you desire already exists, and leap like the mighty badass that you are. You can dooooo eeeeeeeet! "

My biggest transformations, the biggest transformations of my clients, were all linked to a huge risk-taking, a dizzying exit from the comfort zone, there is no transformation without diving into the unknown.

My very first big jump was in 2015, when I was a stunt performer, with uncertain, sometimes non-existent incomes, I signed up for an American certified coaching course (with a very low English speaking), school cost $ 5,000.

I did it because I knew/felt this leap was going to transform my life.

It was the most transformative decision in my 29 years of life (at the time).

I continue to do jumps, regularly, it is not easier but certainly more obvious. There is more enthusiasm than anguish, because today I know, that there is no wrong decision as long as I am fully committed to what I am doing.

I'm curious, what was the biggest risk you took that changed your life?

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