Choose Joy, daily

As you probably already know, joy, is cultivated in our inner world. And the outside world is really just a reflection of our inside world.

In fact when we change, the world around us changes.

In theory it is quite simple to understand but in practice how is it possible to take the path of joy on a daily basis?

1- Choose today

First of all, it's important to understand that every day, every moment, we make choices.

These choices take us on roads. The possibilities are multiple.

Sometimes we choose the path of suffering and sometimes the path of joy.

Obviously the circumstances of life could make the path of joy, less accessible, but it all starts anyway with our own desire to want to find this path so that we can start to walk it, step by step.

Choosing also means regaining power over your life and taking responsibility for your life.

The good news is that you can start now.

Because the state of joy is independent of external circumstances.

You don't have to wait to meet love, or get THE job, to feel joy every day. And besides, it's actually the opposite. Cultivating joy on a daily basis will allow you to find The job, to meet love ...

Today you can decide to focus on all the good reasons why you CAN change this aspect of your life.

Develop compassion for the person you really are.

Be aware of your freedom, because what leads you to the path of joy is not to be trapped by what you have created for your life, but on the contrary, to be raised by your creations.

2- Choose to design your life

If today you have a job, a relationship, living conditions, which does not bring you joy, then ask yourself the question sincerely,

Why do I feel like I have to stay in this relationship/job/lifestyle?

Often it's because you feel like you don't deserve what you want.

3- Choose your environment

So the environment becomes a reflection of this belief.

Having compassion for yourself starts with knowing how to recognize your own humanity and your own divinity.

Then know how to recognize it in others. And knowing how to conscientiously choose the people you bring into your life, those with whom you spend the most time.

Because the energy of others impacts our energy, choosing people who uplift us regenerates us instead of people who drain us, is to recognize its own value. It means giving yourself all the means to serve the world, because no one can accomplish great things, drained of their vital energy!

4- Choose to enjoy

Enjoying the simple stuff is where it all starts.

Every opportunity to enjoy a flower, the song of a bird, the smile of a stranger, the food you eat, is an opportunity to feed this flame of inner joy. Turn your gaze to what inspires you rather than what you dislike.

I think back to this anecdote of Abraham Hicks, who said that she was looking at a sublime landscape with a friend when her friend turns to her and says: "It's still a shame that there is an electric pole in the middle ... Her friend had chosen to focus on the pole, which was so small instead of focusing on the beauty of this landscape so large and vast.

5- Choose where to look

Because it affects your emotional state.

This choice you can do at any time, build your capacity to find things to enjoy.

The great thing is that the more you enjoy, the more opportunities you have to enjoy.

List what brings you joy

What do you really enjoy doing that brings you joy?

Then every morning come back to this list ask yourself the question, what can I do today that brings me joy?

And plan in your calendar this thing that you will have chosen.

So you commit to your desire to awaken joy in your life.

Your joy is a gift to the world, your joy brings joy to others, inspires, and empowers others to feel joy.

Imagine how your day will be today, and the weeks to come, if each day you allow yourself to live more happily?

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