Find your mission and release your “roaring” power

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

4 simple steps to start the journey of discovering your mission in life.

Your purpose is WHY you exist on this world.

I believe that every human has a mission. We all exists for a reason, and we’re all meant to contribute to the world in our unique way.

It is what I call « your mission in Life »

Each person has a unique set of talents, skills, life experiences, etc.

There are many possibilities to fulfill your purpose.

Your purpose is not only about career or work, your purpose is WHY you exist on this world.

Your WHY creates meaning and fulfillment in your life .

Finding your life’s purpose is a journey. You may not discover it immediately. It can take time.

It takes form when you really start thinking about it and take meaningful actions.

For me it has been a long journey, but all my experiences were part of it, I couldn’t discover what I love and what I don’t without experiencing. And my work now is nourished by all the little pieces of my life-pie.

It is like a puzzle , piece after piece , the picture will appear.

It’s a personal process, just be patient and open minded through it all.

The first step is to believe that you have a purpose in life and that you are capable of discovering and fulfilling it.

Take your time with this. Tap into your heart.

Don’t judge what you are writing.

Just get it all on the page, then you can look at it.

1. What makes you ROAR

. What do you ABSOLUTELY love to do?

. What makes you so crazy happy to do, that you can’t stop?

. What makes you feel aliiiiiiiive?

2. What makes you UNIQUE

. What do you do easily?

. What do your love ones tell you that you are amazing at?

. What are your biggest strengths ?

3. What is your PERFECT life

. What is your dream story ( DREAM story !!!!!! NO LIMITS ) Write, write, write! At least 1 page!

. What would you do with your life if you knew that you could only succeed?

. What would you do if money didn’t matter AT ALL?

4. YEEEHHAAA It is time to take ACTION!!!

Make one big scary decision towards your goal and do it!

What are you willing to do to get out of your comfort zone?

Think about something you’ve had in the back of your mind. You know it would make a huge difference in your life, but you have been to scared to do it.

It could be, having horse riding lessons or getting a tattoo or even message the guy you were in love at school! It could be moving to another place, doing a speech, organising a workshop on something you love. Whatever comes in your mind, and feels exciting and crazy, just do it.

Go go go, be crazy and brave you are a NINJA !!!

When you change your attitude you change your life.

Be open, available, PATIENT and GRATEFUL.

Trust that the insights you are seeking will come to you.

Your most important goal is to shift your attitude!

And take action! Even if it feels out of purpose , trust that something will get out of it! It always happens when you open your eyes for the unexpected!!!

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