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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

I've decided to explore "focus" as it is an essential part of our productivity.

Since writing my podcast, I have seen that my ability is inconsistent. Some days writing, recording and editing took me 1 hour and some days 4 hours…

I do not think I am the only one facing this inconstancy. It, therefore, seems appropriate to find solutions to be able to spend more time outside in the sun! :)

Each person who is awake at this moment is focused on something, even if it is only on the thoughts that go through.

Being focused means being deeply and intensely interested in the subject.

Some studies show that our ability to focus on a text is not the complexity of the writing, but how much we are interested in this book.

Our attention span is the most important ingredient for becoming more productive, more creative, and happier at work and at home.

The first essential element that clearly calls our attention is our phone, of course. It’s the first choice that we throw ourselves on when we have resistance to accomplish a task. Our minds are hungry for fresh news, and our phone brings us those delicious consumer foods.

Besides, I add to this thought a passage recently read in "Untamed" by Glennon Doyle, where she mentions having discussed during an event with the engineers working on the creation of smartphones. I don't remember exactly how this happened in the conversation but basically she asked them, "But how do you manage the time on the phone with your children?" Answer: "Our children don't have a smartphone, we want them to become creative people, not consumers ..." I'll let you meditate on this.

Distractions are HUGE and easy to manage BEFORE they become a temptation.

Our smartphone is the black cloud of our attention and our productivity.

Keeping your phone away, in another room (out of sight and out of the way) will completely change your level of focus.

Even with regard to the other working tools.

For example, recently, I turned off all notifications on my iPad. I work mainly on it, and the regular interruption of e-mail messages, etc, distracts me. Because even if I deliberately decide not to look at the message, the interruption had already had its effect.

Also, we consume a lot of things on a daily basis, video, podcast, books, series ... I encourage you before consuming any of these products to deliberately ask yourself the question: After watching, listening, reading this product, do I feel happy with the way I have invested my time and my attention?

The idea is not to judge what you spend time on, but rather to choose deliberately.

This will allow you to be aware and present to each of your choices to the opponent to be in autopilot mode ...

I really encourage you to just apply and find out how much it changes your workday.

Leave your phone away for a few hours. Then when your ability to concentrate starts to decrease, go do some easy things such as making tea, do the dishes, walk a quarter of an hour outside, water your plants, jump on your trampoline ...

Choose something that doesn't ask any effort or reflection but allows your mind to rest and regenerate. Keep a notebook with you during these breaks, as ideas are likely to arise!

Here, I invite you to experience what inspired you and to implement it in your day now!

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