HOW TO find inspiration every day?

I have started a new podcast in French. Dear English speaking readers, you can find the Transcription-Translation version of it. Hope it makes you happy!

It gonna be a daily blog post, destined to elevate your vision, shift your perceptions, and challenge your limits, in order to accomplish great things with a maximum of enthusiasm.

Each week is dedicated to a single theme, each day covers an essential idea related to the theme, and the 7th episode of each series is dedicated to anchoring your new vision through a visualization.

This week we embark on the theme of creativity.

First of all, what is creativity?

The act of transforming new and imaginative ideas into reality.

The ability to perceive the world in a new way.

To find the hidden pattern.

To make connections between phenomena which at first seem not connected.

And to generate solutions.

1- How could you find inspiration every day?

The first suggestion is to create Rituals to elevate your energy and invoke your creativity.

Create a place dedicated to your creativity.

It can be a small furnished corner, a coffee shop that inspires you, a tray with small objects that you wander around in place of creation may even be enough.

This arranged place or these objects that you have carefully chosen will be precious indicators for your unconscious. When you install this one it will know that it's time to create !!!

Use "sensory memory" to create a habit.


You can diffuse orange essential oil or put it in the palm of your wrist, it stimulates creativity, spontaneity, pleasure, and joy.

It facilitates inspiration and solves writing problems,

like how to start a chapter or find the best ending.

Orange essential oil builds confidence. It allows you to find the answer that is inside you and that just begs to come out.


Numerous studies have proven the link between nature and creativity.

The effects are truly measurable at the scientific level.

If you are not able to see nature from your windows you create a jungle creative space.


Elisabeth Guilbert, in her book "Big Magic", encourages us to get ready for our meeting with creativity. So get dressed and add some glamor to seduce your creativity.

You can, for example, wear soft and inspiring materials ... silk, cashmere, linen ...


Silence is more conducive to inspiration, but the sound of nature can also be very inspiring. If you cannot hear nature live, you can use music from nature, singing birds, a river, or the rain.


Peppermint tea is great for awakening inspiration, creative ideas, fulfilling dreams because it boosts self-confidence, self-esteem, and focus.

2- How to awaken creative energy?

In our modern and urban lives, we are used to being disconnected from the essential. Sometimes we have never even known life in harmony.

Our ability to endure and adapt has moved us away from what human beings essentially need.

For example, every day we spend most of our time indoors, under artificial lights. These have an impact on our health, our energy, and therefore our creativity.

According to our ancestors (and now scientific studies support this ancestral knowledge) watching the sunrise was a very effective way to awaken the energy fire in us. They were also watching the sunset to help them sleep better.

Being under the stars awakens awareness, epiphanies, ideas ... It's a wonderful way to cut a creative block, advance, or refresh a project. When the weather permits, meditation under the stars can be transformative. The stars do not have to be visible for their energy to envelop you.

Organizing your life to the rhythm of nature, adapting your routine to the seasons would put you in alignment, in connection, with your highest self, that most authentic part of us.

If in the afternoon you feel tired, do not hesitate to take a nap, it increases the activity of our right brain, the right brain being associated with creativity and memory.

It is also an opportunity to be able to interpret your dreams, and yes, it seems that interpreting your dreams helps to create more freely, and to come out of conformity !!!

You can simply, when you wake up, write 5 minutes in your journal, that's enough to be effective!

3-how to be receptive?

I obviously couldn't talk to you about creativity without talking about meditation.

Because in all areas, but particularly in that of art and creation, the mind easily takes on the role of a personal saboteur, all-terrain censor. And it’s very easy to let in doubts, denigration, and procrastination all three expressions of self-sabotage.

The first technique you can use is to set an intention before your meditation.

Maybe it's clarity on one of your projects, or inspiration.

Set a clear intention, for example, I am ready to receive the solution that will bring the end of my story to an end.

You can also use a mantra or affirmation as an intention for your mediation and then come back to it when thoughts arise. The idea is to connect to the resonance of this mantra. What emotion, feeling, even thought can appear?

Always keep a notebook and pencil near you to write down any ideas or awareness that have arisen during your meditation.

You can also use this mantra during your day, it will allow you to move from a thought of doubt or fear to creative thought. So you become master of your mind, you no longer undergo the usual thoughts, but choose those you want to believe.

For example, My creativity comes to me naturally, inspiration runs through me every moment

If your life seems too busy, or dense for meditation, it is certain that it will require effort and dedication (commitment). By practicing regularly, your capacity will increase, like a muscle, and it will get easier. Be attentive to your progress as small as it may be, it will keep you motivated.

Putting your mind in silence is actually crucial to allow space for bright ideas to appear!

You will receive more creative inspiration by taking the time to silence your mind.

Meditating increases blood flow to the brain, affecting brain waves, giving access to a higher level of consciousness.

This, therefore, raises the level of thinking, brings out extraordinary ideas and solutions.

A little time devoted to silent listening will allow you to connect to the frequency of your inner creativity coach, who is always available to help you 24 hours a day;)

A number of studies have shown that 30 minutes of meditation a day greatly increases creativity.

Creativity is not something inherent in a small portion of individuals but it is a skill that can be developed through healthy habits, such as meditation

4- How and why letting go?

Previously we explored how to be receptive to ideas, but you're probably wondering why your enthusiasm and optimism for your creative projects tend to be followed by discouragement?

Find joy in the creative process

Because often we are waiting for immediate satisfaction, too often artists give up because their project does not immediately take the turn they had imagined, or because their project will take time to be sold.

The secret to overcoming discouragement is to find joy in the creative process, not just in the end result. Celebrate every little step, savor the moment, congratulate yourself, watch with humor.

This ability to opt for a positive outlook will infuse your work with much higher energy, which will allow you to attract wonderful opportunities, fantastic people, and therefore ... success.

Creativity means letting yourself be carried by the desire of your highest YOU

Instead of deciding “how” a project should go, you can follow your inner guide step by step in the present moment.

It means listening carefully at all times, daring to follow the direction your intuition tells you.

It doesn't matter if you need to create a dress, paint a wall, choreograph a dance, or create a new recipe, stop trying to control the direction your project is going.

Give up the need to control the end result and take full advantage of the journey in which your project took you.

Letting go of control is also possible when with a clear course of action.

Knowing where you are going will allow you to fully enjoy the landscape without constantly having to wonder if you have done enough or if it is the right direction ...

Finding time is actually creating time.

For example, let's say you want to write a book.

This is not a priority, but a project that is close to your heart.

Allowing time for a project that really makes you vibrate and that calls on your creativity, will awaken even more creativity.

This will keep your creative muscle in Olympic shape!

Make creative appointments daily

If each day you plan in your 1H's writing time on your agenda (or even 30 minutes ),

imagine how much you could achieve in a year!

1 hour a day = 365 writing's hours in 1 year!

You will certainly have finished writing your book, or at least be very close to.

The most important thing is not the time spent, but the consistency of your creative meetings.

Because this regularity will save you efficiency, therefore less time spent on a better quality result !!!

Let's say you decided to start your book on the 1st of the month,

The 15th of the month maybe your deadline for Chapter 1.

Depending on this deadline you can organize the next two weeks.

Each day has its own task.

The more you will divide into mini task the more it seems simple, easy, and achievable.

The goal is to create joyfully and delighted

5- Collaboration Vs competition

In the creative world, we are particularly confronted with the comparison. Which can awaken a lot of doubt and a feeling of inferiority? These feelings can ruin our efforts, and our energy, as well as our motivation to persevere. That’s why it’s important to have a ready-to-use survival kit, to react immediately and not let those feelings sabotage our potential.

How to use your SURVIVAL KIT

Step 1 - Recognize this feeling as an indicator. A large sign that highlights the fact that something is missing. If something is missing, it is that something calls to be created! So this is an ideal opportunity to bring out more clarity Steps 2 - Answer the 3 essential questions: . What do I want? . Why do I want this? . How do I want to feel? Example: My current thought is:

"I feel jealous of this person who published an article in a big newspaper" What do I want?

"I want to create content, write for a magazine, or maybe create a column for a radio station…" Why?

"I have things to say, to share, I like to write, I want to help, the idea excites me" How do I want to feel?

"Aligned with me, challenged, inspired" Step 3- Ask powerful questions

Then once your desire has been clarified, ask yourself the concrete question: how can I be inspired by this person/situation? Can I collaborate with this person? Maybe I can contact this person and ask them for information about their journey... Step 4- List the inspired actions What can I do today that makes me feel the way I want to feel:

Ex: inspired, aligned, enthusiastic? Start a list of inspired actions Ex: Write a blog / Join a creative writing training / List the themes on which I could write a book ... Step 5 - Take Action By taking action, you intercept any possibilities of letting jealousy or comparison take up space in your mind, you cut it off from the possibility of settling down. Transforming a negative feeling by an awareness, then by a victory, will not only allow you not to suffer your mind but to regain power. No matter the fears, you’re the master on board. So when these thoughts appear you will no longer be afraid, they will no longer be overwhelming or monopolizing, they will simply resume their initial role, which is helping you to develop. The goal isn't the extinction of your negative emotions, but rather to give them a place by agreeing to give them meaning. Step 6 - Plan Book a time slot each day in your calendar dedicated to the goal you have chosen. As I told you in the previous paragraph, no matter how much time you spend on your project, the most important being the consistency with which you will go to your appointment with your goal. This perseverance is an essential key to success, it will build your creativity, your confidence in your own ability to keep your commitments. You will, therefore, maintain a high level of self-confidence, and therefore maintain your high level of enthusiasm.

6- How does our diet have an impact on creativity?

In fact, everything you eat influences your body not only physically but also energetically. The energy of food has a huge impact on how you perceive your day, how you react but also how you access your intuition. Your body is your main tool for working on your life mission. The one that allows you to complete your journey. So part of your mission is to take care of yourself. To function well, you need nourishing, natural, healthy food so that you can last a long time with maximum vitality. If you feed your body with mediocre products, you are going to have mediocre results. If you flood your energetically high food system it will lead you to energetically high results You only have a body that means that it is essential to take care of it in order to be able to function at 100% in order to fulfill all your dreams. Food is what your body needs to function, not just to survive. You want an enthusiastic, motivated, and inspired body. If you eat high energy food you will feel more positive, with a clearer and brighter vision for the future. You will feel more confident and will be more motivated to take action. Eating live food: . Organic . Local . Natural and fresh . Home-cooked Foods to avoid Gluten - disconnects from all forms of spirituality Sugar - exhaust motivation Dairy product - prevents deep meditation Coffee - disconnects from intuition / prevents being receptive to ideas ... Food to be implemented Goji berries - motivation Kale - stimulates intuition / opening the Heart Chakra Productivity - coconut water Camu-Camu - reinforces the feeling of security / helps to connect with others (perfect before an event) Chlorella - helps eliminate distractions and negative influences Spirulina / Matcha - Ideal for peaceful & inspired meditations Acai - Cleanses negative thoughts - Increases the feeling of love Maca - Helps push the limits of the possible to pursue and follow your dreams For example here is a perfect smoothie recipe to awaken the sacred chakra, where your creativity lies. Recipe: orange / turmeric / carrot / coconut water / maca

I really encourage you to experience how food can be your success booster.

You can see food as a spiritual guide, choose wisely which guide you need for any specific goals, and any specific day.

Hope that inspires you, next week I gonna be talking about Joy, how to grow joy daily!