Let go, to dare the unknown!

Hello dear friends,

The leaves have almost completely disappeared here in Normandy, and yet my heart is filled with confidence ...

At the end of August, I had the extraordinary privilege of being invited to participate in the annual Piplettes seminar "Raising your vibratory frequency". I was there to talk about abundance of course. The audacity to live its abundance.

The last few months I've been working on control, or rather I should say "Let go of control".

So, in harmony with this work, I decided to allow myself to let go of my notes, let go of my millimetre structures, let go of my anticipated vision and dive into the unknown.

Trusting in the magic of the moment, in each participant, in my abilities, in life in fact.

I dared to dive into a workshop mode never before experienced, under the eyes of my coach (Aurore Rosello) whom I admire enormously ... The truth I had dear friends ...

As I was very scared, I prepared the day before, tearing out tons of notes ...

And on D-day, after a vibrant morning at Mybel Andino's Workshop "Chant des Mantras", well I dared.

I literally let myself be carried away ... So much so that at the end of the workshop I did not know if I had been extraordinary or completely boring ...

But one thing is certain, is that I had a blast and that this workshop was tailored to each of the participants.

And may each of their awareness, each of their step towards a higher vision, each of their inspired ideas of action, filled me with joy!

I realized more than ever, how much the work that we do on us can take its full potential, only if we dare to experience it in the material, in other words, PUT IT INTO ACTION!


If you too have the desire to put yourself into action, to go faster, and higher in the realization of your professional project, do not hesitate to apply for a connection session with me.

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