Live more Authentically

In this article we are exploring how to live authentically.

To be authentic implies to lead a life guided by the resonance of our soul.

Developing an unstoppable will that allows strong courage and passion to move forward despite fear, to face the most difficult obstacles.

This requires unique mental discipline, and hard work to maintain the integrity that drives us.

Authenticity exists in each of us.

It's not your salary, your social status, your titles or anything else that makes you someone authentic.

It’s in the way you don’t hold on and live your life, the way you chase your dreams and the way you don’t resist conflict.

It is in the development of your inner energy, which defines how "awake" you are - how well you understand yourself and you understand those around you.

Are you ready to start living your life with more inner energy and authenticity?

You learn from your stumbles

Life will never be a straight path. Continually searching for linearity only leads to constant frustration.

Life, such as nature, the functioning of the galaxy, the rhythm of cycles, the ebb and flow. We live in ups and downs.

And even if we cherish the strengths of our lives, we must be sure not to overlook the learning experience of our hollows.

It can be easy to take cover to believe that fate is bad, that bad luck is chasing us.

To be truly authentic is to embrace the value of each failure and disappointment.

At each trough, I always take the time to question the deep meaning of this experience,

The questions I ask myself are :

. Today, given the knowledge of the situation or the outcome of this experience, what choice would I make differently?

. What skill this experience invites me to develop?

. What can I strengthen today so that this experience allows me to move forward?

Is there a course, a book, a podcast that could help me?

The idea is : don't let it dawdle, take action right away.

This is the secret to turning disappointment and frustration into victory.

Our stumbling blocks become our treasures only if we take the opportunity to learn from them.

Authentic beings invite to recognize their vulnerability and act courageously thanks to it.

To be authentic you first need to understand who you really are

When I coach or support my clients in this area, I often remind them to reconnect to their values ​​because values ​​are always the essential marker that reminds us of who we are and in which direction we want to go.

When we make decisions that are not based on our values but which are based on public opinion or on external circumstances, on what others do or do not do, we are not authentic.

Making authentic decisions involves choosing conscientiously our actions so our actions become our habits and our habits are the foundations of our personality when our personality is connected to our values ​​making authentic decisions then becomes second nature.

. Your values ​​are most important in relation to the circumstances you meet

. Your actions are what you do consciously

. Your habits are your unconscious attitude, what you do without even thinking about it

How to put all this into practice?

When you align your values ​​with your actions and it colors your personality then you become an authentic person and now is the time for you to show how authentic you are to the world when you do this you will attract people to you in alignment with your values. ​​People who also wants to be authentic

When we play the game of life in a safe way, we do not take the risk of experiencing unexpected adventures

When we have confidence in ourselves, we dare to do audacious things, we dare to go out of our comfort zone and it makes me want to share with you a personal experience.

I don't know if it's completely linked with the theme, but in any case I will share it with you.

A few years ago I was in a Buddhist seminar and then for the end of the seminar I was in charge of a small group of students with whom I had to write and put on a small five-minute show.

Things that I was not very enthusiastic about, but I decided to embark on the experience fully.

The students were very young and very shy and not at all enthusiastic!

They all refused to go on stage.

I didn’t want to let go, drop this mission that I was given.

I persevered, asking a thousand questions about them, what they liked which made them laugh, to try to engage them in an adventure that suited them.

1 hour before the show, we hadn't finished writing.

But, by dint of sharing authentic things of their life, their personality and seeing others share their authenticity, a flame was lit. In an instant, they got excited all at the same time and started to offer fantastic ideas. It was miraculous.

They started to have fun, they started to really enjoy writing things that made them laugh. A real cohesion started to be created and then, finally, one after the other came to see me to tell me that they agreed to play this or this role!

And it was absolutely amazing!

They did a fantastic performance, the text was beautifully well written we had incredible success!

Finally what I learned from this experience, is, when you dare to show yourself, assert yourself as you are , not to be afraid of being ridiculous, is in fact losing control over what we imagine to be, what we imagine that we should be, on the perfection of our image, on the perfect image of what we should be and it's really interesting because from the moment we let go of this vision, on this anticipation, of this ideal, we give way to a moment of grace or we give way to an adventure that will be filled with deep joy.

Because making it spring up is authentic, exhilarating, it's like a click, it's like a switch that you put on once you have felt you still want to experience it.

But each time it still requires some decision-making until the click is made unconsciously.

But for sure, as long as the click is made in a conscious way, then it can be uncomfortable.

Sometimes the passage between the being who controls and the passage to be authentic to the being who is not afraid of being who he really is, to the self who is not afraid to enter the adventure of himself opening his heart, opening his life to an authentic life, requires a lot of courage.

As I told you before, but also a lot of perseverance, because it still requires strenght to go up on the table, and speak your voice.

Why don't I have enough self-confidence to be myself?

What little steps can I do in the direction of my most authentic month?

This question will not only allow you to know who you really are but it will also allow you to be who you really are

I encourage you to keep what has inspired you most, and experienced it right away!

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