My heart is cut, my success will never be linear

October has settled in well, with its leaves of all colours and its challenges.

Am I still able, to believe in my vision, to move towards my realization?

I tend sometimes to forget that success is not linear.

I tell myself that, if I'm on the right track, EVERYTHING should be "fine".

Well, actually, no ...

Succeeding involves its share of disappointments, questioning, doubts, fears, but also, of course, joys, surprises, wonders ...

It is a path.

Last spring, I grew a lot of vegetables in my vegetable garden, which I enlarged x10 compared to last year.

Tons of different squash, tomatoes, cabbage, beans, salads ...

The weather was devastating, and I only harvested a meagre amount in the fall, compared to last year.

I tell this story to my coach, who asks me, "But did you enjoy cultivating?", "Yes, a lot", "So it's a success" she replied.

Being successful is not necessarily a quantifiable result.

Success can also be measured on the barometer of joy.

Even if this winter I will not eat my vegetables, I still want to replant next year, differently, based on my experiences, my new knowledge. I will consider the vegetable garden with a new, more precise, more subtle eye.

And maybe in the fall of 2022, my perseverance will pay me off with an abundance of vegetables ...

Take a fresh look at your vision, so you will always move forward in harmony with what is present today, in your heart and in your environment.

This is what I like to call "reinventing yourself", nothing can stop you from moving forward, with a curious and creative mind!


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