The Art of Taking A Plunge

I named the themes of this week the art of taking the plunge because I've realized that getting out of the known is not that simple, it is an art, it is a new determination every single day.

The unknown of today will be the known of tomorrow, and if I forget to dive back into new waters, then very quickly my development and my happiness will stagnate.

Movement is life because life is in constant movement.

If we stop learning, defining ourselves, moving forward, we extinguish the flame of life that burns within us.

Getting into the water is an art, because the dives, the color of the water, our behavior, our expectations, our apprehension, our confidence, are different each time, and it is an art to recognize the right diving board, to recognize that it is a commitment to dive in, warm-up and final jump.

And then, realize that a new jump awaits us.

The first step to any successful aquarium trip is obviously taking that first step.

Because every first step in an unknown zone is difficult and frightening. Even destabilizing.

The first paragraph of your story will probably be the longest, over time it will get easier and smoother.

But today it's tedious.

And yet, it’s exciting. The void in front of you, the depth of invisible waters.

I've been practicing a lot lately to get out of my comfort zone all the time.

And I admit it's always so uncomfortable to think about dive in because let's be honest the hardest part is not jumping, but all the time you spend worrying about THAT jump...

Worrying is good, it is an indication that the dive is going to take us out of our comfort zone. It's the sign sayig "Right direction, diving board on he right"

Then, once you're worried, you can decide to

. Turn back and watch the water from your deckchair, drinking alcohol-free sparkling water


. Rolling up your sleeves, ( in this case putting on your swimsuit would be more suitable I think) ,

Option 1-

Start climbing the ladder.

So, to be sure to take the right ladder, because all the complexity of this art is to jump from the good diving board, and not from the neighbor's one. And either to climb the ladder in the fog

Make sure it's the right scale

Start by imagining what your life would be like, from the crystal clear waters of this lake.

How do you want your lake, hot, muddy, salty, hectic ?

AND what do you plan to do on this lake? Windsurf? Pedalo?

Once your vision has been clarified, verify that pedaling on a lake makes you happy, that you want to explore this activity, that even if it scares you, you feel that it is in alignment with yourself.

Then, define what each step of your ladder looks like, from lowest to highest.

And start without waiting for the attention

Option 2-

Check internally that this lake is the right one for you, if so, close your eyes, and jump straight in, then enjoy from the lake how this unexpected adventure is refreshing your mind, and makes you grow.

Sometimes, leaving a comfort zone requires as little reflection as possible.

This is the case when the leap is simple, for example, your friend suggests that you come and take a tango lesson with her while dancing paralyzes you, without thinking, you say yes, because deep down you feel that it will jostle you in the right way.

Option 3-

You start option 2, visualize your lake and your pedal-boat, and decide to jump straight without climbing the ladder.

This is a bit like what I've experienced during my stunt years.

I was called to perform a specific action, each time I was a novice, I had never done such an action before, and everytime I was accepting the job, training a little bit before the shooting to mentally understand the logic of this action, then, found myself on the set to accomplish this performance.

It also works, but it makes you dizzy. But sometimes, that’s what works the most.

Each dive has its option! It's up to you to define yours!

My actions are my real procession - bouddha


The real illusion that blocks us in non-action is the idea that where we are will always remain the same.

However, it is essential to accept impermanence, because that is the very nature of our existence and the very nature of the whole universe: everything that exists is doomed to disappear.

Everything is constantly changing.

When we get too attached to our thoughts, to our self-consciousness, when we can't let go, it can feel like we're constantly swimming against the current.

We cling to things that we can't grip.

We apprehend the events that will happen.

Regaining a fluent mind begins by stopping considering that impermanence is unacceptable and that on the contrary, it is a completely normal chosen thing, and that we can learn to harmonize with it and make it our ally.

Nothing lasts forever, our joys, our sorrows, a day at night, life.

When we become attached to our comfort zone, we think that this option is good and will always be good.

But if we begin to understand that this chosen thing does not always bring us happiness then we can dare to move forward, to try, to act.

We can find a source of motivation, look ahead, towards the unknown.

To make this awareness an ally is to dare to use our strength.

Basically what really motivates us to move forward is knowing that we don't have the eternity to fulfill our dreams, but only the present moment.

And it's up to us to play the game of life now or skip our tour.

At the heart of this vision, simple and yet complex, it is not easy to feel joy, sometimes, we can feel paralyzed by the passage of time and the fear of not having enough.

The only way to stop this fear is to take action, action gives meaning, advances our vision, pushes our limits, action is our magic power.

Take a moment to breathe, connect with what you are feel now. Let the action come to you, through this inaction.

This moment of contemplation that stimulates your inner wisdom.

Let go of your mind, to come back to your consciousness.

This consciousness which knows where and how to act, free from the conditioned traps of the mind.

Meditation opens the doors to the infinite potential because it allows you to free yourself from the preconceived and open a horizon of the unknown and the unexpected!

The limits / The excuses

The limits we set ourselves, the excuses we find to not go there, are sometimes so inventive that we get tricked into really believing it.

Taking action by attempting what has been on our minds for a long time cannot be negative.

What's the worst that can happen to us if we finally we take that plunge?

Inaction stalls, loses self-confidence and leaves a wasteland of doubts that are increasingly difficult to weed.

Again, no matter what action you take, the important thing is to take that first step!

Excuses creep in everywhere, for people connected to spirituality and synchronicity, interpreting the signs as confirmation of our excuses can be really harmful.

“This happened just as I was about to start, that’s a sign that it’s not for me. "

By staying too much in your head and in your mind you can very quickly manipulate your own self !!!

Question your heart over and over again to verify that this action really resonates with you. Be honest with yourself. And if your heart is ringing, don't wait.

Start by adopting a concrete speech, clear words when you tell your objectives, forcing yourself to be synthetic and clear. To go from the abstract to the concrete.

Words are indicative of the evolution of our idea, our desire, our motivation.

They tell us if we are clear.

When I explain my idea and I'm not clear, I can immediately feel a kind of fog, as if I got lost in my words, in general I know instantly that I am losing others in a cloud of words… If they don't follow my vision, I know then that it is necessary to re-clarify!

Your words say it all!

Taking action is the essential step of making a decision.

Deciding is essential for taking action, but also for continuing to forge the path that is important to you after diving into the ocean of your dreams.

Build your decision muscle.

Go from the wish stage to the decision stage.

The decision is the trigger for the biggest events in our life.

Decide to change jobs, decide to go back to school, decide to move abroad, decide to leave your husband ...

I encourage you to take the time to write down the 5 biggest decisions of your life, and at least 1 positive impact for each.

This will allow you to reconnect with your power.

When you decide, you will exercise your decision-making power, it is not for nothing that we use the word power, since by deciding you take back control over your life.

You exercise your power of free will.

Your power arises from this ability to decide and fully assume the consequences.

Here are 4 main types of decisions

. Decide what you really want,

. Decide how to interpret such event, and what meaning you decide to give to it,

. Decide on the people you bring into our life,

. Decide to take action.

All of these decisions paint the beautiful picture of your life.

By being the actor of your life, you make the decision to use your intelligence and enlighten your life.

You tap into your infinite potential, you develop your self-confidence.

Certainly you will encounter failures, difficulties, disappointments, but with experience, you will know that these pitfalls are part of the path, and nothing will make you give up, because you are ready to accept to move forward step by step, in showing tenacity and kindness towards yourself.

And you know that down the road, the results are there.

Once on the path, it's a thousand times easier to constantly take action!

If, for example, you launch your project, then the actions will come naturally to you.

When I made the decision to become a coach, I enrolled in a school, then I organized my schedule to succeed in studying, then I gave free sessions to train, then I created a website, then I created a structure, then I decided to do workshops, the first was a total failure, the second a great success, then I created a journal for my clients, to plan their goals, then I launched my podcast ...

And it all started with one decision, triggered by action! Actions are taken for granted once the road is started.

"Dare to act" is to give you the chance to succeed, "waiting" pauses your development.

The action is liberating, it gives answers, leads, makes us defend from the mind to the body.

Action is life.

There you go, I invite you to choose something that inspired you and put it in place today!!!

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